White dry – matured Wine by ABELON
Varieties: Tinaktorogos 100%
Selected Bio cultivated vineyards region of Ancient Olympia Greece.

Varietal Composition:
Tinaktorogos 100%
Tinaktorogos, it’s a Greek grapes variety old enough to being mentioned by Homer! This special variety produces a transparent white dry wine with opalescence green and yellow sparkles  Indigenous to area of Ancient Olympia is cultivated uniquely by Ktima Brintziki for the last 23 years. A unique characteristic of this variety is that during the flowering period casts many flowers and carries a green harvest.  From this unique feature, derives its name. It is a wine with impressive acidity, and such style, that it will definitely charm those who love round white wines with delicate aromas.   Lemon Flowers and tropical fruits with a long lasting aftertaste.  It goes well with poultry, salads and white cheese. Best to be Served at 10-12° C.

Malagousia is also known under the synonyms Malagouzia, Malagoyzia, Malaouzia, Malaoyzia, Melaouzia, and Melaoyzia
(Greek Μαλαγουζιά) is a white Greek wine grape that was virtually extinct until Professor of Oenology Vassilis Logothetis re-discovered it in the 1970s. Experimental vinification began at the early 80s.
The grape is highly aromatic and has the potential to produce soft, elegant wines.
Malagousia is a hugely successful variety, widely acclaimed around the world. Its wines are grand examples of aromatic whites, full of vibrancy and complexity. When dry, it can be an exquisite match to greens, salads and even artichokes, a famous “wine killer.” Sweet wines are finely paired with fruit desserts. Surprisingly, dry Malagousia can age in the bottle for four years or more while sweet wines need four to seven years to unfold their potential and indeed keep well beyond that.

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